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ITW Global Brands is a leader in automotive maintenance and appearance products with well known category leading brands such as RainX, Black Magic, Blue Coral, Slick 50, Gumout, No Touch and NOS.

RainX -The category leader in windshield water repellent is now a category leader in replacement wiper blades along with a full line car glass and car cleaning products.

Blue Coral -"Cleaning Since 1927" providing cleaning and appearance products for your vehicle and now replacement wiper blades.

Black Magic -Started out as a single product, a thick, silicone tire shine packaged in a squeeze bottle and applied with a cloth or sponge. The success of this tire care product in the 1990’s lead to the Black Magic Tire Wet product which became Blue Corals number 1 selling product from which a complete appearance line was developed for the car enthusiast.

Gumout -A smarter way of keeping your engine clean since 1947. Gumout® fuel additives and cleaners work hard to keep your engine’s fuel system in shape and restore performance to levels you need out of your vehicle.

Slick 50 -Since 1978, motorists have relied on Slick 50’s superior technology to protect their vehicle’s vital parts from friction & wear, so they can achieve the performance they crave today and down the road. From Engine Treatments to Fuel System Cleaners to Transmission Treatments, Slick 50 products are formulated with superior chemistry to ensure they clean, protect and optimize performance of critical systems.

Fix-A-Flat -Fix-A-Flat was invented in 1970 by Snap Products and became the first emergency aerosol flat tire sealant and inflator. With a name that says exactly what it does, Fix-A-Flat quickly became a household name and continues to dominate the aerosol tire inflator market to this

Slime -The tire sealant! The product to use to prevent flats and leaks. Slime is a must for off road vehicles, motorcycles, ATV’s and heavy equipment. Slime is the best friend and off road racer or mountain bike enthusiast. Plus Slime has all your tire care and maintenance needs.

Kraco Enterprises LLC where innovative design meets function & protection. A complete line of automotive floor mats, rubber, carpet, rubber & carpet, specialties, a complete assortment of automotive accessories including air care with brand names Vent Fresh, Ultra Norsk, Ultra Gel, AE Gel and Ozium. Other brands and licensing include Ed Hardy, AE auto/expressions, Mossy Oak and Goodyear.

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